1.3 - Linking your account

Our Youtube channel provides a video guide. 


Linking your Amazon account:

In order for RepricerExpress to communicate with your Amazon account, we'll need you to get some details for us. The process is very simple, just follow the steps below ( this process is shown in the video below) to get the required details and link your account.

  • Click on the 'Login herebutton beside '1'
  • Login to your Amazon Account
  • Enter the Developers Name and Developer account Number (Shown beside the '2' in RepricerExpress). It's easiest to copy and paste these details from RepricerExpress into Amazon.

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Copy your 'SellerID' and 'MWS Authorisation Token' back into the SellerID and Auth Token fields in RepricerExpress
  • Click 'Link Account'

If you have any trouble with this process you can ask the team for help via support chat in-app or sending us a message.

Please noteThe process of linking your account will not change your prices in any way.

Note: If your Amazon account gets suspended or if you remove RepricerExpress from User Permissions, you will need to re-link your marketplace(s) if you wish to use RepricerExpress again as Amazon changes your MWS Authorisation Token.

inking your eBay account:

  • Click on the 'Sign in to eBay accountbutton beside '1'.
  • Login to your eBay Account.
  • Click on 'Agree' to agree with the Terms & Conditions.
  • Close the window and go back to your RepricerExpress account.
  • Tick the option 'I have carried out the above two steps'
  • Your account is linked.