Can I Automate Products With FBA Long-Term Storage Fees Due to move rules?

You can set up an Automation to move products that have 6 or 12-month long-term storage fees to a more aggressive rule in an attempt to sell them and avoid fees.

First of all click into Repricing and then on Automations.

Next click on Add a new Automation from a blank Automation.

Then name your Automation and select which Amazon Channel you would like to use this for.

Next select FBA Long-Term Storage Fee Due (6+mth) or FBA Long-Term Storage Fee Due (12+mth).

Then, select the stock level that you would like to apply, so only products that are due long-term storage fees and have a stock quantity greater than X will be automated.

Please note: RepricerExpress will use the Amazon FBA recommended removals report to flag SKUs as long term storage fees. Amazon will update this report six weeks before you are due to be charged on 15th February and 15th August.

Our Youtube channel provides a video guide.