The Channel Screen allows you to control and edit the various channels you have linked into RepricerExpress in one place. Here you can add channels, link them, move from the Safe Mode to Live Mode and get an idea of how it's performing.

Adding a New Channel

Our Youtube channel also provides a video guide. 


In order to add a new Channel Simply hover over the 'Add New Channel' button on the top right. Choose your channel and it will be added to the table with your existing Channels. Click on the new Channel to link it to Amazon or eBay, just follow the onscreen instructions.

Making changes to Your Channels:
If you want to change your Channels hover over the right hand side of the Channels table and you'll see the pencil icon appear. You can choose to,

- Edit Channel: Make changes to the Channel Settings
- Remove Channel: Delete it and stop it repricing.
- Reset Prices: Reset your prices back to whe prices you had when you first linked this Channel to RepricerExpress.

You can also see your current plan and how much of it you have used on the Channel Screen. This lets you plan better. If you are adding a new Channel and have only a few SKUs left on your allowance, it might be best to upgrade your plan.