How to create a new Automation

When you create a new Automation you need to name it and then choose which marketplace you want to use it for.


Then, you need to choose what you want to trigger the automation to move from one rule to another.

There are 13 options to choose from including Stock Quantity, Stock Age, Price War and Best Seller.

Once you select your trigger you can then select which pricing rule you want to move from and what pricing rule you want to move to.

You can then select what you would like to do when the trigger no longer applies, either revert to your original rule or leave on the new rule.


Next up you can choose your timings.

Once a product is moved from one repricing rule to another, you can choose how long it should stay there before even being considered for Automation again. 

The last step is to review and set the Automation live.

You will see how many products your Automation schedule will affect based on your triggers and settings.

When you're happy, click "Set live now".