Creating an Amazon repricing rule

Creating your repricing rules along with an accurate min max price is probably the most important parts of getting the right price for your products.

RepricerExpress allows you to decide how much control you want over the process by letting you choose a rule based on a template or creating your own. This article will focus on creating your own rule, which is suggested for advanced users. To see our article on using templates for your rules, click here.


Creating your repricing rule
In order to create your repricing rule click Repricing > Repricing Rules and choose Add New Repricing Rule.


Creating basic rules

Basic Pricing Rules are those which don't make use of any of the Advanced Settings that our rules offer. These settings are optional and useful for fine tuning your rules though we would normally recommend starting with a basic rule first.

The basic rule allows:

  • Min/Max prices: Choose to use your Product Min Max Prices, change these for the rule or set a generic value for all products with this rule (video link).

  • Compete with: Choose who to compete with and how (video link).

    In the compete with section, you will notice the option Only apply if there are no FBA sellers in the top 20. Use this if you only always want to check for FBA competition first and reprice against them. Then if there are no FBA competitors you will reprice against the MFN sellers.

Learn more about these settings and how they work in the videos linked above or by clicking 'More Info' next to each setting in RepricerExpress.

Creating advanced rules

In order to use the 'Advanced Rule Settings' click on 'Show Advanced Settings' at the bottom of your rule (just above the save button)The 'Advanced Settings' include the following extra options,

  • Item condition: Choose which conditions you wish to compete with (video link)

  • Include or exclude sellers: Include or exclude sellers by feedback, location, shipping time and seller name

  • Scenarios: Fine tune what the system should do if you're the only seller, can't compete with the cheapest seller, Buy Box winner and more (video link)

  • Profit Protection: Settings to help protect your profit margin (video link)

Learn more about these settings and how they work in the videos linked above or by clicking More Info next to each setting in RepricerExpress.

If you'd like a hand, some help or just someone to look over your rule for you, why not contact Support via Live Chat or email? We're happy to help.