Creating an eBay repricing rule

Creating repricing rules is the most important factor in achieving the right price for your products.

RepricerExpress allows you to decide how much control you want over the process by letting you choose a rule based on a template or creating your own (advanced users). To see our article on using templates for your rules, click here.

Creating your rule

In order to create your repricing rule click "Repricing" > "Repricing Rules" and choose "Add New Repricing Rule".

You'll be asked if you want to create a Formula or Competition rule. You can find more details on these below the video.

Creating formula rules

Formula rules allow you to use your existing min, max or Amazon price to create your eBay price. This method is a simple to use and can be applied to all your eBay products easily.

  • Min price - Your minimum price.
  • Max price - Your maximum price.
  • Amazon price - Your current price (excluding postage) on any Amazon marketplace you sell on.

You also have the option to add or reduce the price by adding or minus a value and/or percentage.

Use a formula rule if most of your products are non eBay catalogue items or have no competition to reprice against.

Creating competition rules

Competition rules allow you to compete directly against other sellers on eBay if they uploaded a product barcode (EAN, UPC, ISBN) when they listed their product. You also have to have listed using the same (EAN, UPC, ISBN) as them.

Here are the various settings and options you can control with a competition rule. 

Compete with: Choose how much to Beat/Price Above your competitors by.
Only Compete with: Choose to compete with Top-rated sellers Only.

Include / Exclude Seller Feedback Count: Include or exclude sellers based on their total feedback.

Include / Exclude Seller Location: Include or exclude sellers based on their item location.
Include / Exclude SellerID: Include or exclude only specific sellers by entering their username.
Include / Exclude Min Qty: Include or exclude sellers depending on their stock totals.

If you'd like some help on rules, why not contact Support via Live Chat or email?