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Dashboard: What is the Repricing Tab?

This screen includes a number of charts and other important details we feel you will benefit from seeing at a glance regarding your Repricing results.

Our Youtube channel also provides a video guide. 


Above the charts, you will see six key figures, each of which is explained below.

  • SKUs Price Checking: The number of products which you have currently set to reprice.
  • Needs Min/Max: The number of products you have not yet set a Min or Max price on.
  • Fixed Price: The number of products where you have turned Repricing off.
  • Lowest Price: The number of SKUs where you are listed currently as the cheapest seller.
  • At Min: The number of SKUs where you are listed currently at your Min price.
  • At Max: The number of SKUs where you are listed currently at your Max price.

Please note: All of these key figures are clickable and will show the relevant SKUs in the 'My Inventory' screen. The key at the bottom of the chart is also clickable in the same way.

The line graph shows you how your prices have been changing with each line indicating the number of SKUs at Fixed Price, Lowest Price, Min Price and Max Price.

The pie chart shows you an illustrated breakdown of where your products are being priced currently.