How Can I Automate Products Using Restock Date?

You can set up an Automation to move products between rules based on your restock date, so the last time the product was put back into stock.

Our Youtube channel provides a video guide. 


This Automation is good for moving products restocked all long time to a more aggressive pricing rule.

First of all click into Repricing and then on Automations.

Next click on Add a new Automation from a blank Automation.

Then name your Automation and select which Amazon Channel you would like to use this for.

Next, you need to select your trigger(s)

The trigger you need to select from the drop-down is called restock age (date restocked)

Then from the next drop-down select more than and set the amount of days in the next field.

So if you want to move products restocked over 3 three months ago enter 90 days into the field.

Next, select what rule you would like to move products that fall into this criteria from. You can choose a specific rule or select all rules.

Next up set the rule you would like to move the products to, so this will be the more aggressive pricing rule you have created.