How can I Review my Repricing History?

RepricerExpress allows you to see your pricing history very easily on the 'My Inventory' screen. Simply search for your product on the 'My Inventory' screen or by using the search option on your dashboard then click on the product.

When the Repricing Detail popup comes up, switch to the 'History' tab to see your pricing history. If you have multiple channels you are select which one you would like to review from the dropdown to the right.

On the graph, you will be able to see your min and max price history as well as your products price history.

In the history tab, you will also see the option Detailed history of price changes where you can see how you have repriced in the past 24 hours and past 7 days. It will show if you have repriced up, down or stayed the same and give a short description of why that price change took place.