How do I Automate Products Using Sales Data?

You can set up an Automation to move products between rules based on your sales data.

Our Youtube channel provides a video guide. 


First of all click into Repricing and then on Automations.

Next click on Add a new Automation from a blank Automation.

Then name your Automation and select which Amazon Channel you would like to use this for.

Next you need to select your trigger(s)

So from the when trigger dropdown list select the sales option and then the sales criteria you would like to use, for example, sales less than, greater than etc.

So for low selling products, you can select sales less than and enter the sales value and select during the last 7 days for example.

You can add up to three triggers per automation so could also select to apply this to FBA or MFN products only or products under a specific quantity.

Next, you would select which rule to move from and what rule you would like to move to.

Lastly, you would choose what you want to happen when the sales trigger no longer applies, so if you selected sales less than £150 in the last 7 days and sales have now increased over £150 in the last 7 days you can select to return to the previous pricing rule the products were on or you can select to leave them on the new rule.