How do I turn off repricing with an import?

It's easy to set products not to list in RepricerExpress with an import.

To access the imports screen follow the steps below,

  • Click Imports/Exports on your menu.
  • Choose Bulk Imports from the options available.

On the Bulk Imports screen you can download a file with all of your SKUs. You can then set which you want to reprice and which you don't. 

To download this file simply select Set Fixed Prices (All SKUs) from the Download your prices dropdown menu.

Editing your file

Once you’ve downloaded your file you can get to work editing the file ready to upload it again. Please do not remove or add any columns from the file as this will stop the file from importing for you.

The file does appear quite large at first, but it's easy to understand when you know what all the fields mean.

Here's an explanation of them.

  • SKU: Your Amazon merchant SKU.
  • Title: Your Amazon title.
  • AUK Y/N (Auto Price Check On AUK): Reprice your product on, Y to reprice, N to not reprice.
  • AUK Price: The Fixed Price you want on
  • (The previous two fields are repeated for each Channel)

    In order to set a product not to reprice on a marketplace you would simply change the Y's under the AUK Y/N (Auto Price Check On AUK) to an N. 
    Y means Reprice, N means Don't Reprice!
    You can also add a price into the AUK Price and this will also change your current price in RepricerExpress and upload this to Amazon. 
    If you're looking to change a marketplace other than Amazon UK, here's a list of other marketplaces.
  • AUK =
  • AFR =
  • ADE =
  • AUS =
  • ACA =
  • AJP =
  • AIT =
  • AES =

Before editing your file please review this article which looks at the common reasons imports fail to import successfully.

Please note: If you change a price on this file but leave Repricing on, this price won't be uploaded to Amazon.

Re-importing your file

Once you have completed your changes and want to re-import your file you need to return to the Bulk Imports screen in RepricerExpress.

Select Fixed Prices from the Import your updated prices dropdown menu and browse for your file.

Normally files will be processed within a few minutes but can take up to 45 minutes. RepricerExpress will send you an email when your products have been imported.

If you have rejected products or the file fails please review this article which looks at the most common reasons files fail to import successfully.