How Amazon repricing works

RepricerExpress uses Amazon's Subscriptions API system in order to give you a lot more control over your pricing rules.

How repricing works?
Unlike some other repricing systems RepricerExpress doesn't use schedules but reprices every time one of your competitors changes their price on Amazon.

When one of the cheapest 20 sellers on a product changes price, Amazon sends us a notification with all your competitors details which we then use to reprice your products right away. We then upload your price changes to Amazon who then put the file into a queue and normally process within 15 minutes.

This means we can reprice your products faster but it takes longer for your repricing to start initially. Click here to learn what happens if you change your rule or Min/Max price.

Can RepricerExpress reprice without competitor changes?
We understand that the Amazon system isn't perfect so when you are in 'Live Mode' we will do daily price updates which will force any listings to reprice which have not received a message in the past 24 hours. 

Please note: If you're using 'Sleep Mode' on your account, this daily update would not be enabled. If you prefer we didn't force your products to reprice, please contact support via email.

What happens if my price is outside the top 20?
Amazon's price change notification message includes the top 20 sellers on a product. As a result, RepricerExpress will be unable to force a reprice for this product as only price changes within the top 20 sellers send a price change.

A seller within the top 20 will need to change price for your listing to reprice.