How is my RepricerExpress billing calculated?

Your billing plan is based on the number of active products you have on each channel.

For example, if you have 5,000 products on Amazon UK and 2,500 on eBay US this will be counted as 7,500 products, even if the 2,500 products on eBay US are also for sale on Amazon UK, they are still counted as separately repriced SKUs.

If you turn off repricing on products then they are not considered repriced SKUs but they do count towards your usage.

RepricerExpress will allow you to choose whichever plan best suits you though if you select a plan lower than the number of SKUs you need to reprice those SKUs over your plan will not reprice.

Please note: You will be charged your selected plan, this article is to demonstrate the plan you would need to select. RepricerExpress will neither increase or reduce your plan.