How often do my Amazon products reprice?

On Amazon your product will reprice as and when it needs to based on your competitors' price changes

RepricerExpress has been specially designed to maximise your Repricing potential. Each and every time one of your competitors changes their price, Amazon informs us and we then reprice it for you right away within RepricerExpress.

Once your price has been changed we will then upload this new price to Amazon to make sure your price is always in the best place to get the sale.

Please note: We may reprice your product immediately within RepricerExpress,  though it can take up to 10-15 minutes for Amazon to process the price change.
This is a limitation on Amazon's side applied to every single Repricer on the market: in other words, we reprice as fast as Amazon allows it.

If you require bespoke/custom setups in your RepricerExpress account, feel free to contact Support for more info/prices.