How to link your RepricerExpress account to your FeedbackExpress account

If you have a RepricerExpress account and also a FeedbackExpress account you can easily link these together so you can switch easily between both without having to log into both separately.

Here is how to do it -

First click on the RepricerExpress Logo on the top left hand side of your account and then click on linking your account as seen in the gif below.



Click on Link another Account and then on FeedbackExpress as its the account you want to link to RepricerExpress.

Next enter your login email address for FeedbackExpress and click on Validate and then you will be asked to enter your password you use for FeedbackExpress - 

Go and do the same process in your FeedbackExpress account to link it to your RepricerExpress account.

Please note if you update your password in one of your accounts you will have to relink them.