I'm a Private Label seller, selling my own products; what can RepricerExpress do for me?

I'm a Private Label seller, selling my own products; what can RepricerExpress do for me?
That’s a great question, and the short answer is LOTS! As this is a helpfile though, I thought I’d best give you the long answer too. ? Although RepricerExpress uses our pricing tool to compete with other sellers on your listings we offer a whole raft of features you can use even if you have no competitors.

Be ready for competitors
Your listings might be without competitors now, but you know what they say about all good things? In time, a competitor(s) may jump on your listings and by having RepricerExpress already setup and running we can react, repricing your listings without you missing sales in the meantime.

Detailed product data
RepricerExpress downloads and updates huge amounts of product data which is at your fingertips. Buy Box percentages, sales rank, sales history to name just a few (see below for more). These details can also be made available in an exportable report via email, Dropbox or FTP on a regular basis (additional costs may apply).

Automate your price based on sales and stock
Using RepricerExpress’ new automation features, you can base your pricing on much more information, than simply your competitors' prices. You can automatically move your products between different rules depending on your settings and triggers, which include:

  • Stock Quantity: Move products based on how much stock you have.
  • Stock Age: Move products based on how long the product has been first listed or how long it has been restocked.
  • Sales Rank: Move products based on the products sales rank.
  • FBA Long Term Storage Fees: Move products when storage fees are due—which can be detected up to six weeks from the February and August deadline dates.
  • Sales: Move products based on the how much (£/$/€) you make in sales. 
  • Orders: Move products based on the volume of sales you make of a product.
  • Best Sellers: If a product is a best seller, move it to a special rule.
  • FBA / MFN: Move products to specific rules if they are FBA or MFN.
The real power of Automations is that you can combine and filter your stock automatically based on three of the above triggers at one time, so you really can automate pricing to your specific business needs.

If you need any help or advice with any of these features, please contact support—we'll be more than happy to help!