My Inventory price colours explained

The colours on prices on the 'My Inventory' screen indicate how your product has been priced.

They are designed to let you see at a glance how your product is doing.

Here is an explanation of each:

  • Lowest: Your product is currently the lowest price.
  • At Min: Your product is currently at your Minimum price. You should consider reducing your Minimum price so you can compete.
  • At Max: Your product is currently at your Maximum price. This normally indicates there is a seller more expensive than your Max price.
  • Only Seller: You are the only seller selling this product.
  • Best Price: You haven't been able to compete with the cheapest seller so you're competing with the cheapest seller you can.
  • Other: This will be applied if none of the other colours fit. Other will usually show if you are competing against only for the Buy Box or have set to increase price when you're the Buy Box winner. Item's can also show as other if a do not reprice setting is applied from your rule settings(Do not reprice is no competiton for example in the scenario settings).
  • Not Repricing: Your product isn't repricing. This means it's inactive- your product Min/Max hasn't been set or it's been set to not reprice.

Please note: The colour on the price is set when your product reprices. In between this the colour may appear as the old setting for a short period of time.
Please note: Best Price also indicates that your product is using a 'Formula' Pricing Rule for an eBay product.