Resetting your prices

Our Youtube channel provides a video guide. 


With RepricerExpress we give you the option to reset your prices back to the value they were when you imported your products for the first time. If your rules didn't work just as you expected this allows you to easily get your Amazon and/or eBay prices back to the way they were.

Reset your prices by selecting Channelshover over the right hand side of the Channel you wish to reset and then click Reset Prices.

Please note: This only affects products which were downloaded when you first setup your RepricerExpress account. Products downloaded since your original import won't be reset. Your RepricerExpress account must be enabled for these prices to upload to Amazon or eBay.
Please note: You must be in Live Mode for Reset Prices to work. You can move into Safe Mode again a minute or so after you have used this feature if you need to.