Things to consider when switching to RepricerExpress from another Repricer

1, Contact Support for guidance and help

The first step we would recommend when beginning the transition to RepricerExpress would be to get in contact with our support team. By informing the team of what you plan to do we can better assist and guide you through the setup process.

Our support team are here to make the transition as smooth as possible. They can advise on what information you should gather from your old tool and how to best format any files that you have so they work with our software.

With their assistance, you will be able to get RepricerExpress up and running as quickly as possible while integrating your prior product information.

Contact support via the following email address:

 2, Save your key details from your old repricer to import into RepricerExpress
Make sure to save key information from the old app. Gather your min/max values, prices and any rules information that you had on your old account. If you can save these details to a .CSV file it will make things easier to format and import for use within RepricerExpress.
The more information you can pull from your older repricer the better it will assist you with setting up your new account with ourselves. 

3, Have you registered? Check out our features!
By now, you have more than likely seen the fantastic features and options available to you in RepricerExpress. 

If you have not signed up for our system, feel free to do so by following this link:

If you are still on the fence, check out what brilliant features we have here:

Check out the potential benefits you will gain from using our software going forward and once again check in with our support team if you have further questions. 

4, Set up your account and link your Amazon/eBay account with us.
Now that you are signed up, begin setting up your account. It will take you only 20 minutes to get yourself linked up and ready to start using RepricerExpress.
If you require further assistance with linking your account check out our handy RepricerExpress youtube video guide:
Once your account has been linked your inventory will begin to download into RepricerExpress and you will be presented with the option to set up your first rule and add your min/max values to your listings.

This is the opportune time to hit the ground running. You will be able to set up a rule of your choice and import any saved min/max values you have brought across from your prior repricer. Just make sure that your values are formatted correctly for our system to import.

5, Use Safe mode to its maximum potential
Once your account is registered and set up there may be the desire to place your account into live mode and immediately have your prices begin to upload to your marketplace. 
This might seem like a great idea; however, you can quickly run into problems if you find you have you haven’t set up your rules exactly like the way you want it. 

We always recommend keeping your account in safe mode for a short period of time, so you can monitor your account and make sure everything is repricing the way you want it.

Safe mode will allow your products to reprice using your rules and min/max values without the changes being sent to your marketplace. You will be able to how your products price would change and make appropriate changes to certain aspects 

6, Check out our other Features: Automations etc.
While in Safe Mode make sure to check out all services that we provide within RepricerExpress. One key feature you may want to explore is the “Automations feature.” Automations work by moving your product from one rule to another based on criteria such as when the product is at low stock, has Long-Term Storage fees or another trigger conditions. 
This feature is great for keeping your products price competitive and prevent the listings from stagnating. There are a wide range of trigger options to choose from. We also provide guidance on our help centre:

7, Check out our Help Centre and YouTube channel.
Speaking of our help centre. We have a large number of really useful articles that can guide you through different settings when using RepricerExpress. The more familiar you are with the software the better prepared you will be to get your listings up and repricing as quickly as possible. 
For example, if you need guidance on how to update you min/max prices via an import we have an article which can assist you:
We also provide YouTube video tutorials via our YouTube channel: 

 8, Go Live.
Now that everything has been set up and you are happy with the pricing results generated while in safe mode it will be time to take the plunge and go live. Simply navigate to your channels screen and switch the account from safe mode to live mode. 

You will be given the option to “Jump Start” your prices or “Wait for your Competitors to reprice.”

If you select the Jump Start option RepricerExpress will reprice every listing based on their assigned rule and what prices your competitors have their listings set to. This setting is great for an immediate update on your existing prices. It will allow you to hit the ground running.

Waiting for your competitors to reprice will mean your listing will remain at its initial price that shows on Amazon, then allow RepricerExpress to update the price when a competitor changes their price. This is a more gradual approach to repricing your products. You will be able to track your listings price change updates as they happen. 

Once the marketplace is live you will have completed the setup process. Now that you are up and running and your products are repricing all you need to do now is monitor your sales and product prices going forward. You can tweak your rules and min/max values assigned to your products to help improve profit margins and sales. 

Anytime you want to make a major change to your setup we recommend you place your account back into safe mode to test the new settings. Once you are happy with the results simply place the marketplace back into live mode. 

If you have any questions while running through these steps, feel free to get back in contact with us at
Our support team is more than happy to help.