Understanding the Channel Overview tab

The Channel Overview tab on the 'My Inventory' Screen has been developed to give you an easy bird’s eye view of products on each channel.

You can see what prices you are selling at, apply bulk changes and export your products onto spreadsheet reports. You can also use the 'My Inventory' screen filters or search facilities to narrow your products down. 

The data returned on the Channel Overview tab includes:

  • Base Min and Max: Your product base Min/Max. You can edit these by clicking on the product.
  • Channel Price: Your price on each channel. This is the total price (Current Price + Shipping). Hover over the price to see your Current price and shipping.

The price on each channel will have a colour, which indicates how your product has been priced. You can learn more about what these colours mean here.

By clicking on a product you will open the Repricing Details Pop-up.

This screen will allow you to update the base Min/Max price while giving you more detailed information on your pricing. To learn more about the Repricing Details Pop-up, click here.

If you wish to do Bulk Updates to your products, the Bulk Edit Features will help you.