What are the differences between formula based pricing rules and competition based pricing rules?

We have two types of eBay repricing in RepricerExpress, Competition based and Formula based.

Competition based repricing is possible for items contained within the eBay catalogue which covers most book, electronics, music, DVD, game products etc.

A catalogue item in RepricerExpress is any item in the eBay catalogue or any item that has an EAN or UPC set in its product identifier information on eBay.

So your competitor and yourself have to have the products listings the same EAN/UPC so that we can reprice you against them.

When we import your listings, we can check which of your items are in the eBay Catalogue or not.

Competition based repricing makes calls to eBay API services for each of your product, passing in some parameters such as:

  • eBay’s catalogue reference (unique identifier)
  • Your Min and Max Prices
  • Your product type e.g. New, BuyItNow, etc.
  • Sellers who wish to include or exclude e.g. specific Seller names, low feedback sellers, seller locations etc.

eBay then returns prices for any competition that match and RepricerExpress analyses these results and uses the rules and settings you have applied to calculate a new eBay price for the item. 

Competition based repricing runs periodically for 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. 

RepricerExpress can show you who you competed against with links to view your competition quickly and easily.

Formula based repricing can be used for any product on eBay, whether is within the eBay catalogue or not.

You can decide to base your eBay price on:

  • Any Amazon prices within RepricerExpress (e.g. Amazon UK, US, DE, FR etc)
  • Your Min price
  • Your Max price

For example, your eBay US price could be based on your Amazon US price, which is also being repriced by RepricerExpress.

Each time your Amazon US price changes, within minutes your eBay US price will also be adjusted.

Please note: If choosing eBay price to be based on your Amazon price your Amazon SKU (Identifier) has to be the same as your eBay SKU (custom label)

You can also set up the formula to take into consideration differences in postage, marketplace fees etc.

Formula repricing runs continuously for 24 hours per day - 365 days a year.

Whether using Formula or Competition based repricing, you can see your product information, latest repricing information and price history details all within RepricerExpress.

If in Live Mode, any new prices calculated by RepricerExpress get uploaded to eBay immediately after they have repriced.

If in Safe Mode, the price is displayed within RepricerExpress but does not get sent to eBay—this is useful during an initial setup period or to trial the repricing functionality without any fear of affecting live listings.