What is the Jumpstart?

Once you have set Min/Max prices as well as a Repricing Rule and want to go live, RepricerExpress will give you the option to jump-start repricing for your products or if you would like to wait for competitor price changes.

What does Jumpstart mean?
Jumpstart will change your LIVE prices on Amazon once, by one penny.This means that we get a price change notification from Amazon faster than waiting for one of your competitors to change their price. Once you have hit the Jumpstart button, your listings will start to reprice shortly


What if I don't want to use Jumpstart?
If you do not wish to use Jumpstart, you can wait for price changes by competitors. This option means that your listings can take some time to start repricing if your listings do not have a lot of activity from competitors.


Please note: If your listings are deactivated by Amazon because you selected the Jumpstart, find how to fix this here.