When I change my rule or Min/Maxs, when are the changes applied?

With RepricerExpress you can update your repricing rules or Min/Max prices at any time. Once the changes are made they take effect immediately for future price changes.

On Amazon, RepricerExpress reprices products when your competitors change their price. This means we won't always see the changes in all your products tied to that rule right away. See more about how RepricerExpress reprices here.

In order to make sure your new details are applied quickly, any products which have not repriced within 45 minutes of you changing your pricing rule or Min/Max prices  (as there has been no competitor price change) these will be forced to reprice by RepricerExpress.

Please note: The process of forcing your products to reprice according to the new Min/Max prices involves us increasing your price by 1p/2p/3p.This will trigger a price change notification from Amazon and we will reprice your product.

If you're in a hurry and need to force your products to reprice immediately, change your price by 1p on Amazon, which will force your product to reprice and apply the new Min/Maxs faster.