When will my products start repricing?

Before your products start to reprice you must make sure that you have -

  • Set a Base Minimum/Maximum price for the products you want to reprice.
  • Set a Repricing rule for your marketplace(s).

Once you have done this your products will start to reprice automatically. Your products are repriced when we get a price change notification from Amazon (normally when a competitor changes their price)

RepricerExpress will instantly be aware of the change and update your price must faster than traditional repricing tools.

When you first activate RepricerExpress, we won't change all your prices at once but will reprice them as we get price change notifications from Amazon.

If you want to force a reprice on a product, you should change the products price on Amazon. This will force a change notification and cause RepricerExpress to reprice the product for you.

Please note: If your account is in Live Mode, we will be able to force your products to reprice when a change is made to your base min/max or pricing rule new rule, etc) and once a night.