Why are my items priced at Max when I win the Buy Box?

With your rules on RepricerExpress, the system allows you to choose how your items reprice in certain situations. With specific settings, you can have your account setup so that when you win the Buy Box you will be priced at max.

Our Youtube channel also provides a video guide. 


This will only affect users competing only against the current Buy Box price. On the 'Compete with' section if you tick, Buy Box Eligible Sellers, you will then get another option, Price only against the seller who holds the Buy Box spot, so you can only reprice against the seller currently holding the Buy Box and ignore all other sellers on the listing.

Your item will reprice to max when you hold the Buy Box if you are set to reprice only against the Buy Box, and also have the following settings set on your scenario settings.

The first option is, if no competition, which will usually be set to 'Use Max'. So if there are no other sellers to compete with the price at max, which is usually fine. However, if you also have if Buy Box winner set to 'Reprice as normal' then because when you hold the Buy Box you cannot compete with yourself, so the no competition rule applies, use max. So if you have these specific settings set like this when you win the Buy Box you will price at max.

There are three options really, but you will most likely want to keep if no competition to use max so you can be priced at max when there are no other sellers. As you could also change if no competition to 'Do not reprice', but here are the two options to we would suggest resolve this,

1. Change the if Buy Box winner to 'Do not reprice'. So when you win the Buy Box your price will not update until you lose the Buy Box.

2. Remove the tick from 'Price only against the seller who holds the Buy Box spot' so you are not only repricing against the current Buy Box. This will mean when you win the Buy Box because you are not competing only with the Buy Box there will be other sellers for you to reprice against so the if no competition rule will not apply.