Why didn't all my products import?

On Amazon:

In order to download your listings from Amazon, we need to generate a report on Amazon with your active listings.

On occasions, not all of your listings will be imported.

Here are the most common reasons why listings didn't import:

  • Inactive product.
  • No Stock.
  • Comma (,) in SKU.
  • Duplicated SKU.
  • No title included in Amazon Report.
  • FBA items not received at the FBA Fulfilment centre yet

Normally only a handful of listings will be rejected. However, if you have a large number of listings rejected, we'd encourage you to get in touch with support via in-app Chat or email to learn why your listings were rejected.

On eBay:

  • No Custom Labels set.
  • The product is a Variation Listing.
  • Commas in Custom Label.
  • Duplicate Custom Labels.
  • eBay Pricing Rule not set.
  • The product listed on eBay Motors.
  • Invalid EAN.
  • Problem symbols in Account Name.
More information on this helpfile.