Why have my products not downloaded into RepricerExpress?

Here are some common reasons why your products might not have downloaded into RepricerExpress.

  1. Recently added products: RepricerExpress downloads new products from your Amazon account every few hours. If you have just recently added your products then they may not yet have downloaded yet. Be patient, they will download shortly.
  2. You haven't set a min/max price yet: Once your products have downloaded into RepricerExpress for the first time until you set your first min/max price then RepricerExpress won't download any further listings. Please go ahead and set some product min/max prices to allow more listings to download.
  3. Inactive products: RepricerExpress will only download active products on Amazon. This means if your product is out of stock or has been marked inactive on Amazon we won't download it.
  4. Comma in SKUs: If your merchant SKU on Amazon has a comma in it we won't be able to download it into RepricerExpress. Please make sure not to use comma (,) in your SKUs on Amazon.
  5. Inactive FBA listings: If you have an FBA listing which Amazon's warehouse has not yet received (so is not selling yet), RepricerExpress won't download it until it goes into stock.
  6. No Product Title: Your product needs a title. Each product needs a name in RepricerExpress, if there is no product title, you cannot add the product to RepricerExpress.
  7. Deleted Product: If you have deleted the listing in RepricerExpress it will not be redownloaded. Learn how to undelete products here.