Why haven't my eBay products imported?

Once you add eBay to your RepricerExpress account we will try to download any and all listings from your eBay account. There is some kind of listings which we don't download though. Below are a few of the types of products we won't download.

  • Custom Labels: If your product doesn't have any custom labels we won't download them from eBay. Custom Labels are required for us to properly link your product on eBay to RepricerExpress so we require that you add these. If you are unsure how to add Custom Labels to your account click here to learn how.
  • Variation Listings: RepricerExpress doesn't currently offer repricing on Variation products (Child or Parent SKUs). We won't download these types of products.
  • Commas in Custom Label: If you have a comma in your custom label we won't download that listing into RepricerExpress. Simply remove the comma from the custom label to allow it to download in future.
  • Duplicate Custom Labels: If eBay products have the same custom labels then we cannot import them, make sure each product has a unique custom label.
  • eBay Pricing Rule: An eBay pricing rule needs to be created also before the products will import from eBay.
  • eBay Motors: If your products are listed on eBay motors we can't import these into RepricerExpress as there is no integration with eBay motors at present.
  • Invalid EAN: Your EAN should have 13-digit otherwise your products won't import.
  • Problem symbols in Account Name: Do not use any of the following symbols when setting your eBay account name as it can cause problems with downloading your listings

/ Slash

\ Backslash

? Question mark

% Percent

* Asterisk/Star

: Colon

| Vertical Bar/Pipe

" Quote

< Less than

> Greater than

. Period/Dot